LG Aristo 3 Stock Firmware Oreo ROM Download & update/Aristo 2 Plus software update

In this post, we’re going to restore a bricked LG Aristo 3 Plus / Aristo 3 / Aristo 2 Plus / Aristo 2  by flashing stock firmware (kdz) file using LGUP flashing tool. This tutorial can also be useful to Upgrade or Downgrade your Android system firmware.

First of all, we need to download the necessary files based on the phone model. LG Aristo 3 Plus & Aristo 2 Plus belong to T-mobile with model numbers as X220MB & X212TAL  respectively.

Likewise, Aristo 3 & Aristo 2 are MetroPCS phones and their respective model numbers are X220ma & X210ma.

Download the proper firmware file according to your phone model and proceed with the tutorial. Below are the download links


Stock Firmware / ROM Kdz file

LG Aristo 2 X210ma – Firmware Version – Android Oreo 8.1 X210ma20g – Download & extract the zip file on your computer


LG Aristo 3 X220ma – Firmware Version – Android Oreo 8.1.0 X220ma10f


LG Aristo 2 Plus X212TAL – Firmware Version – Android Nougat 7.1.2  X212ta10fk


LG Aristo 3 Plus X220MB – Firmware Version – Android Oreo 8.1.0  X220mb10d



How to restore a bricked LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus / Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus

Along with the firmware file we also need to download LG USB Driver & LGUP flashing tool. You can get these files from the below download links –

LG Mobile Driver version 4.4.2 –


LGUP Dual Mode – Download & extract the zip file on your computer



So, Let’s start the procedure with the installation of LG Mobile Driver on our computer.

To install LG Mobile driver double-click the “LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.4.2 ” file as shown in the screenshot above.

Follow the on-screen prompts after clicking “Next” to complete the installation of LG Mobile driver on your computer.

Now that the LG USB driver is installed, it’s the right time to connect our LG K30 to the computer.

To flash the stock firmware we’ve to boot our K30 into Download Mode as per the below instructions –

Power off your LG K30

Connect one end of the USB data cable to your phone. Press the Volume UP key

Keep the Volume UP key pressed, and insert the other end of the USB cable to your PC.

This would boot the phone directly into the Download Mode.


You can see the download mode in the above picture.

Before moving further, wait for the LGE AndroidNet USB Modem & LGE AndroidNet Serial Port driver to install.

In the Device Manager, we can check the driver installation status.

Both the drivers are installed successfully.


Now extract the downloaded LGUP_DualMode.zip file and open the extracted folder.

In the LGUP_DualMode folder, look for “LGUP_Store_Frame_ver_1_14_3” setup file and click on it to start the installation of LGUP flashing tool.

Finish the LGUP software installation to proceed further.

Right-Click the “SetUser” file and select “Run as administrator”

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LG Aristo 3 Plus FRP Bypass 2019/ Aristo 2 Google account Bypass no pc

The easiest tutorial to bypass google verification screen on LG Aristo 3, Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 2 & Aristo 2 Plus. This hack doesn’t require a computer or app installation. This is the latest October 2019 FRP bypass method.

With this easy to follow tutorial with screenshots, you can get your phone working in a few minutes –

So without wasting any time Let’s start the procedure –

How to bypass Google Verification on LG Aristo 3, Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 2 & Aristo 2 Plus

If you’re locked out on your LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 2 due to a forgotten pin, pattern or password, the only solution left is to perform a factory data reset using hard keys i.e volume down + power button.

However, with this type of hard reset, you need to sign in with your last synced google account.


If you don’t remember either of these or someone sold you an LG Aristo 3 Plus/ Aristo 3/ Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus in the locked state, then you need to follow the below tutorial to bypass the google verification screen or Google’s FRP (Factory Reset Protection).


For the ease of understanding, Let’s divide the whole process into 4 parts –

STEP 1: Launching Google Maps using Accessibility Settings 


From the “Verify your account” Google lock screen, come back to the first screen of the setup wizard i.e Welcome screen.

Tap “Accessibility” a pop-up would appear to confirm your action. Tap “Settings” to get access to the accessibility settings page.

Now, Scroll down and select “Switch Access” to open it.


On the “Switch Access” page, tap “SETTINGS” at the bottom right corner.

Now we are on the “Switch Acess settings” page.  Select the first options i.e “Help & Feedback”.

Again select the first option i.e “About Switch Access for Android” on the Support page as shown above.


On the next page look for the youtube video and tap on it, a “3 dot” icon would appear at the top right corner. Click on it.

Now select “Watch later” as shown above.

This action would take us to the Google Chrome app.


Proceed further without signing in as shown above.

Search maps in the Google search bar as shown above.

If you would tap on the first search result option i.e “Google Maps” it would open the Google Maps app.

Alternatively, you can tap the “MAPS” tab as marked in the screenshot above.

In the “Google Maps” app hit “SKIP” to move forward without signing in.


STEP 2: Gaining access to Contacts app using Google Maps Voice Navigation

Erase  “maps” from the search bar. A “GO” option would appear at the bottom right corner. Select it to proceed further.

On getting a prompt to turn on device location, tap “OK”.


“AGREE” to improve location accuracy as well if a prompt appears.

To start Google Maps navigation service, we’ve to Choose a Starting Point and Destination.

Select “Your Location” as the starting point and a nearby location from your place as the “Destination”.

After finalizing the Starting point and destination, tap “START” to initiate the Google Maps Navigation service.

Hit the “Mic icon” at the top right corner and say “open google”  to launch the Google app.



In the Google search bar type “contacts” and select the last “Contacts” option in the dropdown to launch the Contacts app.

STEP 3: Adding a Google Account using the Contacts App 

In the Contacts app, tap the “3 dots” menu icon at the right-hand top corner.

Select the last option from the dropdown menu i.e “Contacts settings” to open it.

Now select “Online Search” on the “Contacts Settings” page.


As you would click on Online Search, a pop-up would appear with a request to add an email account. Tap “ADD” to proceed further.

In the Email Adress filed type any email id just to enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option which is greyed out.

Now select “MANUAL SETUP” it would open the “Server settings” page.


Scroll down to the bottom of the server settings page and look for “Client certificate”. Select “Add” to add a client certificate.

It won’t let us add a certificate without adding a screen lock first. Tap “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

Let’s set an easy to remember PIN lock, such as 1234.

I have set the PIN lock as shown in the screenshots above.


On setting up the pin lock, a pop-up would appear with a message “No certificates found”. It’s fine.

Now we need to get out of the Contacts app.

Keep going back slowly until you’re just out of the contacts app.

Go back until you’re on the Google search bar page.

Erase “contacts” and type “Play Store” in the search bar.


Select the last “Play Store” option in the dropdown results to launch the “Play Store” app.

Enter the verification PIN we just set in the previous step to proceed further.

Now at this point, it asks to sign in to a Google account. The best thing is that we can add any google account to move ahead.

Type your email id and password to sign in to your Google account.


The google account is added. Agree to the Google services terms and conditions to get access to the play store app.


You can see my Google account lgsaristo.com@gmail.com is visible in the play store app.

Now, Long press the power button and select “Power off and restart” to reboot your LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus / Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus.


STEP 4: Restarting the phone and completing the Setup Wizard

After the restart, we are again on the welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Tap the forward arrow to proceed further.


On the “Copy apps & data” screen, select “Set up as new” to move ahead.

You can see the Google account is added. Tap “NEXT” to move further.

Proceed further without turning on the Google assistant. We can set it up later as well.

Keep on moving further as per the screenshots above.

Finally, when you’re on the “Legal documents” page, tick the respective checkboxes and hit

“DONE” to complete the setup wizard.

We’ve successfully bypassed the google verification account on LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus / Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus.

Now it’s better to perform a factory data reset.

Pull down the notification bar, and hit the “Settings icon”.

In settings, select the General Tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Tap “Reset” and then “Factory data reset” as shown above.

Now, select “RESET PHONE” at the bottom right corner of the page.

Enter the verification pin we set before.

and finally, tap “Delete all” to perform the factory data reset.

The factory data reset would wipe the phone and take you again to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard. However, this time there won’t be any Google verification account to bypass.

For any query or feedback feel free to leave a comment below.